Rentledger is a blockchain-based system that rewards for logging your rental payments and history, providing a secure, anonymous and easily verifiable source of independent information.

The system enables all users to effectively take total and decentralized control of all of their rental records, placing the power of information back into the hands of the individual.


Transparency of all rental account payments and history


Partnered with real estate industry leaders and rental providers



Rentledger rewards for regular use and engagement with the platform



Verifiable rental records fosters trust in contract based relationships


Smart Contract Rental History

Traditionally, rent payment methods have involved a reliance on rent books, paper receipts, or trust in banks and third-party payment processing. While conventional methods have served for a long time, the control has long been out of the hands of the renter or tenant. The increasing centralized nature of our financial institutions and authorities has renters forced to place total faith in third parties. Dependence on the centralized payment methods and associated records places users of the system in a required trust relationship and all management firmly in the hands of the corporation, not the individual or community. Advent to new technology and the accompanying disruption to different industry areas ultimately has a trickle-down effect to the everyday. As has now commenced an evolution in the rentals and contracts marketplace with the introduction of blockchain and smart contract technology to the space. A community driven system developed able to provide a high level of transparency and universal accessibility for rental contracts and payments is well overdue. A revision of the current arrangement is now required in order for industry to move ahead and in turn give the people back what they have long deserved.

Welcome to Rentledger…

Rentledger Features

Rentledger provides everyone with the opportunity to be rewarded for paying their rent. Rentledger platform is a blockchain-based rental history ledger and incentive-based payment system.

Rentledger is built on the transparent framework of the blockchain providing an unalterable record of rental history and payments

Successful trial of Rentledger system conducted in 3 international locations linked on blockchain with successful payment transaction records


Regular use of the Rentledger system provides benefits and incentives for all users and chance to earn ‘interest’ on bond amounts held


Worldwide creation of network partnerships enables Rentledger users to access priority rentals and avoid lengthy property approval process


Rentledger Specs

Token Symbol (Ticker): RTL
Decimal Places: 18
Circulating Supply: 1 Billion
Max Reward Dist: 2 Billion p.a.
Max Total Supply: 10 Billion
Spec/Protocol: ERC20 token
Contract Address:

Rentledger Token Distribution

10% Development – For initial development of the platform and to facilitate growth of the Rentledger collective worldwide community.

10% Development – For future development and continuous improvements to the broader growing Rentledger connected ecosystem.

10% Airdrop – Distributed for free as airdrop to registered and verified RTL wallet holders in ongoing programs after project release.

70% Distribution – Distributions, rewards and incentive payments to RTL community stakeholders with regular supply buyback plan.


Rentledger aims to list on exchanges with strong community as we continue working on developing key functionality of the system.

Expanding onto new exchanges will help foster growth of the wider connected network, increasing accessibility for everyone.

Keep up to date with all of the Rentledger current news and events via our social media and selected open messaging platforms.

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